Canned beers are the screw top wines of the beer world. People tend to look at a beer in a can with suspicion in the same way that they look distrustfully at a wine without a cork (or even with a rubber cork). Unlike the wine world, it is easier to be iconoclastic in the world of beer. So, I decided to try a few more beers in the can. Nate has already done a review of Genesee Bock, so he is a little ahead of me in this respect (and there’s Nate at his cheesiest). But I want to appeal to you that you try a beer or two in the can.

For some time, it has been normal to see some better European beers in a can. For instance, Wexford was one of our earlier beers. Yet, these beers have some appeal simply because they have a “widget” in them. This hardly seems like something that should exclude a beer from consideration, that is, whether or not there is a widget.

But otherwise, it seems that a beer being packaged in a can is enough to get some people disconcerted to avoid a beer that they would normally enjoy.  I have a great example.  I remember when Fat Tire from New Belgium first started coming to Indiana. It’s a decent enough beer in it’s own right, but I wouldn’t go out of my way for it. Back to the point: Other than Bombers, the beer was coming in 12 ounce cans. I didn’t find it problematic, simply because I’ve had good beer in the can before. However, Johnnie Beer Drinker would come into the store to get some Fat Tire (only when bypassing Oberon or some other seasonal), and I would inform him that we had it in the can. Almost invariably, a look would come over Johnnie’s face to indicate disgust over the very notion of his high-end beer being in a can. Two facts must be noted. One, it is not a high-end beer; just because Johnnie made a leap from MGD 64 (which I am genuinely [not the subtle pun] happy about), that doesn’t make Fat Tire a terrific beer. As I said before, I think it’s okay. The second fact is that Johnnie simply has a prejudice about canned beer.

It would be tragic if any of use were to act like Johnnie. I know that I still have to watch myself. So, to free myself and others from the proclivity that we have against canned beers, I’ve decided to take on some different cans over the next little bit so as to dispel this virulent rumor. Won’t you join me in sharing some canned beer triumphs over the course of a few reviews?  I’m hoping to do 4 or more over the course of a few weeks.