My own father, that’s all I could think. How could he do such a thing? I even caught him in the middle of the act. His lips were all over it; his eyes fixed deeply into its opening. Sounds pretty bad, right?

I’m not talking about catching my dad doing something immoral or an act of infidelity…unless you mean he committed it against beer. I didn’t catch him with nude magazines, internet porn, or another woman. Of course, I’m writing this article with a certain degree of levity, but it’s still painful to walk in on a close family member drinking a can of Busch Light. How can this be? I’ve shared many a wonderful beers with my father, seen him buy good beer, and even taught him how to home brew. How did things end up in such disarray? Sometimes there are just no answers.

In a certain way, this is a minor example (note the word minor) of hyperbole; but sometimes people revert to watery beer during the summer months. Drinking this watery fermentable is the zymurglogical equivalent of the elderly moving South for the winter. So what’s the point?

First of all, I get another chance to rant and rave, which is a favorite past-time of mine. But I do have a more pertinent point to make: don’t assume that summer equals watery beer. It doesn’t mean a bar-none switch to wheat beers, lagers, or light beer. My encouragement for you is to try a stout, porter, or whatever beer you might normally drink during the winter (maybe don’t go so heavy on the IPAs either). You might find that a stout can be glorious during the hot spring and summer months.  But for the love of God, don’t drink Busch Light!

P.S. To be fair, my dad did drink some home-brewed Milk Stout also.