This weeks featured communal potable is brewed by a group of men committed to quality and fine tuning of beer style.  They may not put out an audacious new flavor or a ground breaking archeological brew, but their brews, in my opinion, end up being high class brews, with unique and complex flavors.

You may want to find a buddy or two to help you with this weeks beer.  Besides the fact that the beer experience is furthered through sharing, a six pack of Third Coast Old Ale will run you around sixteen dollars, and with an ABV of 10.2%, putting down a sixer of this alone could render the consumer in a belligerent state, which only leads to embarrassment.

The style is barley wine, and unlike other barley wines, is thicker and stronger.  The terms ‘imperial’ may be applied.  The beer has a limited availability.  In fact, it may be hard to come by, as it is a seasonal beer and production ends in April.  The upside is that if available, you just might me getting your hands on a slightly older beer that ages well.  At my local beer store, there were plenty of cases to go around.

Don’t confuse this with the thinner, less bold brew by Bells, ‘Third Coast Beer.”  The “Old” is missing and “Ale” is swapped for “beer.”