Considerable approbation is deserved when a brewery manages to achieve high levels of excellence with each beer they produce.  Plenty of breweries nail one particular style, but the menagerie of beers they create is lacking.  While the examples are abundant, this a beer review, not a brewery review.  The point is, Dogfish Head invariably produces quality and delicious beer, and their 90 Minute IPA is no exception.

The beer poured smoothly.  High in carbonation, I thought.  The light piercing the liquid revealed a beautiful coppery/ruby color.   After the nearly one inch of head dissipated the edges of my glass with thick lacing, foreshadowing the maltiness to come.

The hop filled aroma was citrusy and dominant, but forcing my senses further the malty and alcoholic character of the beer was present.  The toasted malt coupled with a raisin/grape aroma practically warmed up the inside of my nose.

The mouth-feel was pleasant.  Despite the high carbonation the IPA was extremely smooth and silky on my tongue.  Initially I was a tad surprised at how ‘unhoppy’ the beer was off the bat.  I mean, I was expecting a burst of bitterness as soon as the beer hit my tongue, and don’t get me wrong, it was hopped up, but the hopped seemed subdued, at least in the batch I purchased.  Perhaps I got a slightly aged batch and the hops were loosing their presence to malt flavors.

Regardless, the beer was balanced.  The sweet malt echoed of figs and raisins.  Complemented by the fruity hops, it was pleasant.  The most striking feature of the beer was the alcohol content.  Usually, beer of this strength, whether they be a similar imperial IPA or another variety like a barley wine, lend themselves to sipping.  Typically these types of beers, due to the pronounced alcohol flavor, are drunken singularly.  But I found that this beer went down as smoothly and covertly as an IPA with an ABV of 6%.  Thus said, it is a good thing that these are sold in packs of four, or else the unassuming consumer may end up being consumed by crapulence.

Basically, I thought the beer is great.  In a sea of IPAs, this one tops the list.