Should the legal drinking age in the US be amended?  How young is too young?

The recent hullabaloo sparked by over a hundred college presidents suggesting that teens are mature enough to make wise consumption decisions certainly has the authors of Thank Heaven for Beer thinking.  In fact, consider this post a segue for a future discussion on the topic.  But until further notice consider this story, hot off the press from Oklamoma City.

An Oklahoma City woman, Rosa Adame, has been arrested and accused (accused…not convicted; innocent until proven guilty)  with putting beer in her child’s bottle. Usually such a scenario (beer+baby bottle) is limited to a silly frat party drinking game.  If only such were the case!

Apparently Adame was so intoxicated she was unable to stand up (we here at THFB suggest not

ahhh...this is more like it

ahhh...this is more like it

drinking as much beer as Adame).  The police had apparently been called when someone noticed beer in the child’s bottle.  Adame’s four children have all been placed in protective custody.  There is no need to rehash what has already been written, so go HERE to read the story for yourself.

While we may still be making up our minds on whether or not we agree with those with an old-enough-to-die-for-your-country-old-enough-to-drink mentality, after completely digesting this news story and hours of silent contemplation, we have decided to side with the law on this one.  Three years of age is too young to maturely consume a brewski.