One week ago today, we announced that we officially launched our kickstarter campaign.  We’re  happy to say that the week went well: raising 21% of our goal in that time frame is an admirable startWe are truly grateful to each and every person who gave to the campaign.  Many of our beer friends, family, and even some complete strangers headed over to the campaign and contributed how they could.  Still others posted about it on Facebook, Twitter, and other outlets.  Again, we are grateful for the fact that people are pitching in however they are able.  We realize that even the smallest amounts are imperative to reach our goal.

Most of the 20% came in the first couple of days, which isn’t abnormal for a Kickstarter campaign.  In fact, most campaigns do the best in the first and last week.  However, we would like to see a good second week and defy the norm on Kickstarter.  So, we are once again calling on all of you with the request for you to head over and give or spread the word or “Like” the campaign.  Please at least check out the video and “Like” it. (Also, there is an update video of Nate brewing, which may be of interest.)

Please give what you are able.  If you can give $10, we appreciate it.  If you can do more or less than that, that’s great, too.  The truth is that it takes everybody, and no amount is too small. (Also, it may help to know that nobody will be charged until August 4th, and that’s only if we reach the goal.)

We are continually keeping in mind that campaigns that do well early are the most successful ones, so thanks for everything you have done and can do.