Saisons are some of the most summery beers in the world.  When I drink one, I feel like winter’s cold breath should be thawing and Easter fast approaching.  Something of an inner child in me makes this beer feel strangely reminiscent, although my beer consumption was a little less at age 6.  It makes one thinking of being attacked by a rabid Easter bunny while lying asleep…good memories!

Many of you know that I’m a Three Floyd’s fan, and we have numerous beers reviewed on the site. They always make quality beer that intrigues the mind and imagination.  On to the beer.

The Pour: Rabid Rabbit poured like a Saison ought, with a hazy and straw colored body.  Atop that lovely bod was a very nice white and well retained head.  The fine, active carbonation really propped this beer up for quite some time.  Very nice!

The Nose: Citrusy lemon qualities really popped through.  I also noted a firm ginger aroma, which I’m sure also contributed to the lemon perceptions.  The body also hinted of sweetness and wheat.  Spicy and powdery yeast also made themselves known.  The 7.4% ABV did not come through very much in this beer.

The Taste: Some residual sweetness touched my tongue when I sipped on Rabid Rabbit.  Again, the alcohol seemed to be pretty well hidden.  The powdery and spicy yeast came through very nicely. If I had to attribute one major quality to this beer, it would have to be its lemony and gingerish qualities.  It was a very pleasurable experience.

Overall, I found this beer to very good and unique, even among some other Saisons that I’ve tried.  Man, I wish had another one right now.

Mike’s Rating:

Overall Satisfaction: ★★★★☆ 

Among other Saisons: ★★★¾☆