Having posted a series on how to brew that dealt mainly with extract brewing, we thought it was necessary to expand the horizon a little bit.  There are a multiplicity of reasons for including instructions on all grain brewing.  First of all, we have gotten enough response to the initial series that it seems appropriate to write further on the subject (i.e., you asked for it).  Second, I have personally noticed a marked difference in the quality and complexity of my brews since I switched to all grain.  The brewer has far more control over the end product.  Is it impossible to make great beer with extract brewing? Absolutely not. Is it easier to make a better beer with all grain brewing?  Absolutely.  Third, it doesn’t require a whole lot more equipment to do all grain brewing vs. extract.  Fourth, and best of all, it’s cheaper to do all grain brewing.  Why not get started today?

Here is a brief outline for the series:  We will talk about constructing a mash tun and something to sparge with.  We will talk about the process of conversion and how it all works.  We will define, clarify, and spell out clearly a step by step method of how to do all this.  The series will include how to perform various types of mashing and will go from the more simple to the more complex.  We’ll even try to spell out which types of beer require (or prefer, rather) the various mashing methods.  It is our hope that this will teach people how to do this highly gratifying beer making method.  For my part, I’m going to have a friend of mine do some film work, so that some videos of me can end up on youtube.  Just kidding.  Seriously, a visual is always nicer than not having one (at least when it comes to making beer).

This series may take a little while, but I think it will be worth it.  Nate is planning on writing how to culture yeast.  So, that will be part of what we do here on the site.  Don’t worry, this is not going to become a home brewing site.  We simply want to expand our content a little bit, so that maybe we can get some more brewers out there.

Hope to write more soon.