Fellow beer enthusiasts, stoppers by, casual readers and regular readers: What are people supposed to do? Have you ever had a girl that you longed for, pined for, died to have as your girl…only to be thwarted in that effort? (The same could be said for a girl pining for a guy.)  It happened to me in high school and part of college.  One girl I never got close to getting (which worked out for the best), the other I married (which is really working out for the best).  Now my pining is renewed…but not for a girl, unless you want to call a brewery a girl.

Nate and I dream, talk about, desire, muse and hope to open a brewery.  The sooner the better.  The only catch to the dream is making it happen.  How do we go about this, how do we raise the money, how do we keep from being in debt up to our eyes?  I’m enlisting the minds of people more creative and helpful than my own.  We’ve been kicking around some ideas and think we are making some headway, but since two heads are better than one, I want to make numbers into factors.  What do you talented and brainstorming people think?  How can it be done?

Obviously, this is a more self-interested post than usual, but we have an indulgent group.  Remember that disappointed longing?  Me, too, and I don’t ever want to feel it again…let’s get this thing going in a few years from now.