This baby was raring to go.  I was warned where I purchased this beer to open it when it was very well chilled. In fact, I was told that it might still be pretty active even if I did that.  Boy was Kari right.  Have you ever had a cork that you really had to pry to get it off?  Me too, but you will never worry about that if you buy this Mead the Gueuze.  I gave it a hair trigger touch and it launched into space (must have been the sugar from the honey-wine).  Crazy!  Needless to say, this thing had plenty of carbonation.  We can’t dwell on this forever, so let’s just see how this thing was as a beer.

As you may have guessed, this beer was a mix between a Gueuze and a Mead (honey-wine). More correctly, it is a mix between a young and old lambic mixed with a honey-wine.

The Pour: This calls for a little bit of the bubbly.  No doubt about it, it takes a slower and more gentle beer to get less than the normal amount of half head/half beer that I prefer with my Belgians.  Mission accomplished…slowly.  It seemed like a champagne pour with a Belgian head.  An active body, tall white head, and a golden, light honey color made this beer shimmer brightly.

The Nose: This beer had the predictable (and very appropriate) sour aroma that one would expect in a Gueuze.  Of course, there were touches of honey, as well as wood and alcohol on the aromas.

The Taste: Sourness and a nice woodiness were the most notable tastes on the front of this hybrid alien of a beer.  Some of the honey notes were noticeable on the beginning, but it really came through clearly at the start of the long finish.  It also had a bitter citrusy quality, which I assume isn’t hops, as this style is usually very low on staled hops.  The 7.9% ABV was certainly also present. An interesting beer for sure.

Overall, I really enjoyed this unique take on Gueuze.  Any time you are drinking a true lambic or Gueuze, it’s something that you have to prepare yourself for.  It’s like nothing else.  Luckily, I love it and I hope you do or grow to love it.  Mead the Gueuze is a great and unique beer.  Finding this one will be extremely tricky since it is no longer made… but worth the find.

Mike’s Review:

Overall Satisfaction: ★★★★¼ 

Among other Belgian Ales: ★★★★¼