Another Indiana brewer for an Indiana boy on an Indiana night.  These guys hail from Terra Haute, Indiana, and have a good local reputation.  Their Triple de Ripple is pretty good, so I thought I’d give their White a spin.

The Pour: White was a blonde beer with a hazy and active body.  The head stood well because of the flurry of activity holding it up.  White and cloudy…dreamily nice!

The Nose: Like many Belgian beers, this one had a nice, powdery yeast quality and touches of sweetness on the nose.  Slight metallic aromas were present, along with the yeast spice that resulted from the strain.  There was not much beyond this, except some lemony citrus on the nose.

The Taste: The yeast spices and powder popped on the beer.  Despite the fullness of the carbonation, which was perhaps too much, the body was a little thin.  The citrus tones on the nose came through more in the taste.  Brugge White was also fairly wheaty in flavor.  Hopefully this makes sense when I say that White was almost half hefe-weizen and half Belgian Wit in its flavor combinations.

Overall, I wasn’t impressed by this particular Brugge offering; their other stuff is better.  However, this doesn’t mean the beer is bad.  Perhaps a little more residual sweetness and more mouth-feel would have made a big difference.  Both of these could have been resolved with an adjustment in the attenuation (thinning down/fermentation) level.  I won’t be picking it up any time soon.

Mike’s Rating

Overall Satisfaction: ★★½☆☆ 

Among other Belgian Styles: ★★☆☆☆