I have come to love Fridays as a result of this blog.  It is comforting to know that a community of drinkers, no matter how small, pop open a bottle of beer together in celebration of thousands of years of human history.  It amazes me every week the diversity present in each bottle.  When it comes down to it, most folk’s precognition of what beer flavor is is exteremely limited.

This week we are going to be tasting Lindeman’s Apple Lambic.

Yes, this is beer.  No, it does not “taste” like beer.

This relatively inexpensive Belgium beauty is sure to bracingly cure your winter blues, and certainly will not offend the consciences of any lightweights out there:  the ABV is a mere 4%.  One doesn’t typically associate Apples with Beer…maybe a gross bottle of Woodchuck, but not beer.   Give it a try!  Cheers!