This Friday we’ll be drinking Wexford Irish Creme Ale, and we hope you will be too!  Odds are you can pick this up just about anywhere…I called around.  Wexford comes in little pint size nitro-can and pack a modest 5% ABV punch.  The widget (more to come later!) in the can provides a smooth creamy texture (and plenty of head).  I haven’t had this beer, but I am pretty curious.  From what I can tell it should be pretty malty/bready/yeasty with minimal hop presence.

I guess going into this I beer I have Boddington’s pub ale in mind…but this presupposition is probably based more on the beer style and packaging.

Anyhow, pick up a pack and drink with us this Friday!  (And for those of you who disdain the flavor of beer, you can participate by buying this Wexford Towel off ebay–it’s only a penny right now!)