This beer comes from the Orkney Brewery in Quoyloo Scotland.  Their most famous beer (at least in the U.S) is Skull Splitter.  That beer is a more traditional (heavy or wee heavy) Scottish ale.  This simply means that you can count on a notable sweetness and maltiness from the brew with very little hops.  Not so with this brew.  From the description of this beer, it is quite hoppy.  This is not normal or expected from many Scottish Ales.  A result of increasing world awareness, globalization, and experimentation within traditions?  Maybe.  Either way this beer is actually half the alcohol of their more established beer.  So, the 4% ABV of Red MacGregor  is not the meant to be like, nor do I expect it to be like, Skull Splitter

The beer may have to be bought warm.  You’ll be able to find the beer in a (slightly over) pint bottle.  It cost me $5.99 to pick this one up.  I hope you can drink it with us.