Hitachino Nest XH

In order to fulfill the foreign language requirement in high school, I took four years of Japanese.  In fact, a the age of thirty, I still wear my Japanese Club t-shirt from my junior.  While I have forgotten most of the language (but still have dreams in which I’m speaking semi fluent Japanese…weird) I haven’t [...]

Hitachino Nest XH (Matured in Sake Casks)

Here is another example of how cool beer is: A Japanese company makes some good beer — that’s already cool enough.  But now they are aging some of their beer in sake casks.  Beer and sake?  Very interesting. I came across this bottle of XH at Kahn’s in Indianapolis, which has a terrific selection of [...]

Outdone by the Japanese Once Again – NA Beer

Do the Japanese have to one-up us on everything?  The automotive industry, general exportation, flat screen tv technology, and now non-alcoholic beer.  I suppose in the grand scheme of things I can relinquish non-alcoholic beer to The Land of the Rising Sun for “best in category” since a) non-alcoholic beer is absolutely irrelevant to me  [...]