Well, as many of our readers might have noted, we are nearing the end of our campaign.  Even as I write this we have 69 hours to go. $25,081 has been raised.  Our goal is $40,000.  As you may be able to tell, we have a lot of support…but we also have a ways to go. Here goes nothing.

Nate and I have been writing thankheavenforbeer.com for three years now.  Our writing has been a bit less frequent as of late due to the fact that we are trying to launch a brewery.  For three years now, we have shared information, spread the good word about beer, and mused about opening a brewery.  Some of you have been with us through thick and thin, others of you are new.  Either way, please heed our appeal in the last few days of our campaign and please pledge and spread the word.  Even $25 goes a long way.

Here is the link.