Hey, everyone.  Nate and I are down to 20 days in the campaign.  That might sound like a long time but it really isn’t.  So, this is an update that we’ve raised almost $16,000/40% of our funds.  That really isn’t to shabby and the truth is that we a little behind where we would like to be…but the support has been terrific.  However, with less than three weeks left, we really need everyone if we are going to accomplish the funding goal.

As a refresher, we set out to raise $40,000.  There are all levels and types of giving that you can do.  First, we really do need some pledges. If everyone who had seen the campaign would have simply pledged $10, our funding goal would have already been met.  We can’t help but feel that some people don’t give simply because they believe that, “Well, it’s only $10.”  It is something, so please realize that every last bit counts and we need a lot of people who can swing lower amounts.  That is the first appeal.

The second appeal is one where we are asking you to step up the game of telling people.  Do you know 5 people who might be interested in the campaign?  Do have a list of people you would be willing to contact via facebook or other avenue?  Please get the word spreading like wildfire.  We simply cannot do it without the gracious assistance of others.

Those are our two appeals.  We realize that we are calling in a favor but we need to make our goal.  So, please tell everyone you know and pledge whatever you can.