Blog  stats are an interesting phenomenon.  At first they become an indispensible measure of how good or bad a blog is, next they become a strived after commodity, then they become a curiosity.

Who hasn’t felt at least a few of these perceptions creeping in the back of their mind?  I know I have.  Lately, I have become far more interested on how people get to our website.  What sort of content brought them here?  How people look up something specific but not even remotely specific to the content on the site and end up here, I’ll never know.

Even more interesting to me is when I realize just how much substantive content has been put on the site over the past few years. When people arrive at that content, it is really gratifying.  But even that got me meandering.  We really have written a lot of content on the site.  Some of it is very good, other stuff is very bad…at least in retrospect.  However, I think I’m fine with that.

Some of the stuff I wrote when we first started out on the site is partially true or, on a rare occasion, almost entirely in need of further clarification or correction.  Again, this got me thinking.  Is it better to take the risk by putting oneself out there or wait until a chimerical time of perfection comes so that something truly meaningful can happen?  Well, it seems that no real learning happens in a vacuum.  And I’m pleased to say that taking the chance has taught me a ton about beer, writing, and about an aphysical community.

Although not a ton of writing has been happening on the blog lately, I’m pleased to say that the past content is being seen.  Yet, I’m not satisfied with the lack of writing that I’ve been doing lately.  There are several reasons why we haven’t been writing as much…but no perfect excuses.  However, if our readers will hold tight, we will be offering some very good copouts in the next few weeks.