As some of you may have noted (at least those who visit this barren wilderness of posting), we have not been posting much lately. I could hedge my bet a bit and say that I’m not making excuses, but that would be a lie.  I am actually going to make a couple of excuses.

Between putting quite a bit of overtime in at work recently and working on a little project, I have been hard-pressed to find writing time.  Many of you are actually familiar with the other project I am talking about: a future brewery.  Saturday, I will be meeting, for the fourth time, with a possible investor in a future brewery.  Lately, I have been crunching some numbers and doing several other brewery related tasks. To exacerbate the situation, there have been several decisions that we have put in motion recently.  Honestly, it’s time to go for it. At this point, I suppose you might say it’s about a 3/4 court press and that we are really heading for pouring ourselves into the future pouring of pints.

At any rate, I want to thank all of you who have been reading and putting up with our lack of new material recently.  Please note that you are all still very much in my mind and that you have been responsible for making this site what it is.  That being said, please keep us in mind during this time of real searching and lack of time.

I promise we will be back to writing more…my hope is that in the next few weeks there will be a whole lot to say.