While summer won’t “technically” arrive until June 21st this year, it sure feels like like spring has come and gone.  In fact, I could hardly fall asleep last night in my non-air conditioned home.  Fortunately, counting the drops of sweat dripping from my brow lulled me into sleep.

Perhaps the most quintessential summer beverage, is the Lambic.  This beer often surprises the uninitiated by its sweetness, tartness, and fruitiness.  If one is aware of the complicated creative process that yields this brew, they would be surprised even more.  In a lambic, the wild yeasts and bacterias that are stringently avoided by brewers are given a welcome mat by Lambic brewers.  Mike wrote a down to earth article a year and a half ago describing the process. I’d encourage you to revisit it.

This weeks Sip With Us Saturday is any authentic Belgian lambic.  While some US brewers do a decent job mimicking the authentic, some fall short.

Cheers, and here’s to a refreshing Saturday.