Wheat beers are wonderful.  Many varieties use up to 70% wheat, which is a considerable amount.  Rye beers are also very good.  I’ve had beers that are 40-60%, and it adds a really nice spicy quality to the brew.  Both of these types are beer are certainly worth a try.  If you have not been drinking some wheats and ryes, start doing so today.  You won’t be sorry.  I earnestly entreat you to drink these beers.

I cannot say the same for some other types of brew.  Specifically, I’m talking about the gluten free varieties of beer that are showing up in ever increasing amounts.  Here’s the deal: even wheats and ryes utilize certain percentages of barley, both for the husks and the tastes.  But to exclude barley altogether borders on madness.  If you have to be gluten free, then I understand and sympathize with your plight.  In fact, Green’s makes some gluten free beers that are the best of the bunch.  Would I drink it on a normal basis? No!  Would I drink it if I were gluten free?  Yes!

Simply stated, there just aren’t that many good gluten free beers out there.  I don’t know that I would say any of them are good.  Maybe I would describe one as more tolerable than another…but good?  Who knows, maybe some good ones will come out in the future?  My encouragement is this: if you are not gluten free, pass these beers up.  Find a barley based beer that has millet, spelt, or whatever other grain, and try it. But, at this point, more gluten free beer is not an experience that I see on my horizon.  If you’re still thinking about trying that sorghum beer, be my guest…don’t say I didn’t warn you.