There exists a huge dichotomy between marketing when it comes to Craft Brewers and Macro Brewers, as the product is so vastly different.  For the most part, beer marketing for the craft brewer is mainly word of mouth.  It is product focused.  The craft brewer works not only to get his/her product in the hands of the community and let the reviews, hype, and expectation do the work.  For this reason, community oriented social networking sites (Twitter/Facebook) are a God send.

Macro brewers, on the other hand, are less product oriented and more trend oriented.  Instead of drumming up a reputation for the flavor of the beer, the macro brewer seems to drum a reputation for the brand of the beer.  On Super Bowl Sunday do the Macro Beer commercials lure you with testimonials of great pilsner flavor, or funny cool singing frogs?

Thus said, I find myself enjoying beer marketing in a what-are-they-going-to-think-up-next sense.  That is, how will these macros convince the next generation of college kids their beer is the cool beer.  This is an important task, because for the most part, like Nascar fans, macro beer drinkers are loyal to their brand.

Which brings me Natural Light’s latest campaign.

Like every campaign in its class it is over the top.  It is inundated with cool lingo and hip fonts.  There are sexy people.  There are cool college kids. And there is absolutely no mention of the flavor of Natural Light.  Natural Light is making up or their obvious ommission with the creation of new beer terminology, that when effectively placed in an ad, communicates, “you better be drinking Natty Light, or you’re screwed.”  What are these new words soon to be found in Webster’s?  Nattyisms. The first Nattyism I first saw on a billboard down the street from my house and it read:  “Natastrophe:  Proper description of when you have run out of Natty Light at the party.”

It’s brilliant.  It subtly states that a party just isn’t a party without their beer.  It buys into the brand of American consumerism that preys upon individual insecurities and yearning for the “in crowd.” What better way to coax a clueless college kid to buy your beer?

Oh Rugged Individualism, where are you?   Oh yeah…in the craft beer aisle.

Go ahead…mosey on over to the Natural Light website and indulge in pop marketing.  You know you can’t wait to see what nattyisms Natural Light and their following (the site invites consumer intellect in the form of nattyism submissions) have cooked up.

What is your definition of a Natastrophe?

What are your thoughts on Macro Marketing?