I love the change of seasons…different weather, different scenery…different beer.

This week’s Saturday beer is Aprihop, by Dogfish Head.  Personally, the switch from winter ales was long overdue (although I am drinking Santa’s Private reserve right now…it was 40% off!).  The pleasantries of spiced ales has lost its luster in these eyes.

I am ready for the rejuvenation of Spring, and this beer delivers.  I do believe this is a nice stepping stone beer; that is, the tepid beer adventurer might just enjoy this beer enough to try something more daring.  But it should not let the seasoned connoisseur down…or so I hope.

Brewed with fresh appricots and whole leaf hops, I am sure this will cure your winter blues.  Buy it.  Drink it.  Let us know what you think.