I just finished drinking an English Ale with a bit of Venison Bratwurst.  How was it?  Very nice.

Here at thank heaven for beer we have all sorts of interests.  From one of my first posts on here, you might know that I like to hunt a little.  I like game because of its lack of fat and lack of growth hormones.  Maybe I’m crazy, but I like the taste of beer with a nice bit of wild game.  It doesn’t even have to be deer, duck, or squirrel.  The point is trying beer with anything that you eat.  It doesn’t matter that if it is wild game or goat…whatever it might be.  I tried some Ethiopian beer with Ethiopian food (goat) not too long ago, and it was wonderful. 

Have you ever tried goat, deer, elk, moose or anything outside the normal routine with beer?  Why not give it a try?  If you don’t hunt, maybe you know someone that does.  I bet you could get some deer meat that you could marinate and drink a beer with.  A nice earthy tasting beer with the taste of an earthy animal can be a perfect match.  It could be that a pleasant surprise waiting to happen.