What an interesting name for a beer. How was it named? Drink it and you’ll know. Numerous people I have known think this beer has a gumball quality in its flavor. I can’t disagree, but there is more to this beer than a simple gumball taste.

The Pour: GBH had a clean, very light gold body and a small and finely carbonated head. There was not the typical haze that I’m used to with many wheat beers, but I’m not too big a stickler for that.

The Aroma: There was a citrusy cascasde hop and slight gumball aroma. Some wheat aromas were evident in the nose of the beer. I also noted a slight fresh strawberry touch on the nose.

The Taste: A very slight sense of citrusy, gumball like hops were evident on the front of this Three Floyd’s brew. Those hops faded into more of an orange type flavor by the end of the brew. Hops were evident until the dry finish of the beer. The dry grain and hops finish were not enough to compensate for the lack of malt body in the beer. I would have liked a more wheaty approach.

Overall, I thought that this beer was simply a little above average. A nice, spicy food would be terrific with Gumball Head. Three Floyds makes some very good stuff, but this is not their best. However, their spin on a wheat beer with a nice amount of hops is unique and refreshing.  When is the last time you saw a hoppy wheat?

Mike’s Rating

Overall Satisfaction: ★★★½☆ 

Among other Wheat beers: ★★★¼☆ 

Among other Indiana beer: ★★★¾☆