Forgive me for being emotional about this.  I just have to say it.

Nate and I really do not mean to become tiresome about our recent Kickstarter launch.  We know there is plenty of time and believe it will work out perfectly fine.  But I do want to take a second to brag about something that is connected to the Kickstarter launch.  Maybe we can agree that the launch is somewhat tangential to this post…fair enough.

I am always amazed at the beer community.  It isn’t simply the fact that they have been absolutely stunning in their support for our brewing aspirations.  What many of you do not know is that they have encouraged and connected us with others along the way.  These connections were not the outworking of a grand strategy aimed at virulent or self-aggrandizing ends.  In fact, the story is quite the opposite.

Beer people simply love connecting with beer people in anyway they can.  Sure, I could tell you how I was able to get a bottle of Black Tuesday for Dave from The Drunken Polack or how Dave gave me more than a lion’s share of some rare beers from the Lost Abbey at Dark Lord Day and the Bruery or how Peter from Simply Beer gladly sent me a rare bottle of Avery beer and Captain Lawrence or how Scott from the Brew Club got me some Black Ops from Brooklyn Brewery because I sent him some Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (I got the better end of that deal).  I could even tell you that these guys, and several other people on our blog role, have contributed and/or happily spread the word about our kickstarter campaign…but that merely scratches the surface.

Our connections are commerce driven or affected from the very beginning.  The beer community is a village.  It is a place of mutual respect and support.  I cannot express how truly grateful Nate and I are to be a part of something so authentic…campaign or no.