There were a few beers that came to mind when I thought about this week’s brewski.  I considered Black Out Stout by Great Lakes.  I thought about a German Black beer, too.  Ultimately, I landed on Samuel Adams Black Lager.  This is not to besmirch the character of any of these brews, it is simply a matter of availability.  I think this will include the maximum amount of people in our beer-sharing endeavor.   

Well, as most of us know, Friday is one of the worst days of the year.  The dreaded “Black Friday” is coming.  How can those of us who do not want to shop, think about shopping, or even think about thinking about shopping cope?  My suggestion is that we have our own Black Friday here at thank heaven for beer.  That is where this Black Lager comes in.  I guess in some ways we will fit into the consumer market on Friday, but personally, I plan to buy this one thing.  And drinking a beer is always a good deal. 

By the way…a Black Lager, what’s that all about?