Distinction, a necessary quality for the successful brewery, is certainly possessed by the quirky Schmaltz Brewery, creators of the fine line of He’brew beers.  With the uncontested market space of Kosher beer, the brewery is able to run with their imagination in both brewing and marketing, which is being taken to an admirable level as He’brew turns thirteen years old.

Thirteen?  While most breweries would opt for celebration in ten year increments, most breweries do not celebrate a Jewish heritage.  Certain numbers/patterns of numbers possess a level of significance in Jewish culture (both authors of this site have dabbled in Jewish studies and the Hebrew language at both the under grad and graduate level).  Thirteen holds special significance in the life of the young Jew as it marks the official transition from child hood to adulthood, in which the thirteen year old is now responsible (as opposed to his/her parent) for observance of Jewish law and tradition.

Instead of expecting gifts at their coming of age, the makers of He’brew intend on giving back to the beer community in two ways.  First, a new forthcoming beer will soon be available: Jewbelation 13.  This beer will feature 13 different malts, 13 different hops, and an ABV of 13%.  Unfortunately for me, 13% ABV beer cannot be sold in the state of Ohio.  I hope someone is up for trading in the near future!

Secondly, the brewery is hosting a photo contest.  Photos can be sent to the brewery via email to the brewery (info HERE) in the following categories:

  • Best Hair
  • Best Family Photo
  • Most Awkward Moment
  • Youngest looking “Adult”
  • Funniest Shot
  • Best Dressed
  • Best Braces
  • Best Dance Moves

Winners will receive a He’Brew Bar Mitzvah Gift Set and a prominent spot on the brewery’s website.  My photo is picked out, and now I’m just banking on lucky 13 to win!