Apparently, beer consumption is finally taking a hit due to our consequential economy.  In fact, InBev (anhueser-busch) published a 40% dive in fourth quarter adjusted sales.  Yikes…I wonder if they will be hitting up our federal sugar daddy anytime soon?  However, craft beer and microbrewery sales (in general) showed 4% growth after rounding out 2008. Overall, off site beer consumption was down nationwide by 9.3%.  Do the math…

…it seems that Americans are ditching quantity for a nice quality treat.  Kudos to Anhueser for selling their empire before the dive.

With all this in mind, it is cool to see a brewery that straddles the divide and maintains dignity.  I am talking about a Genesee.  Somehow this little brewery, based out of Rochester, NY slipped past my radar after 125 years of productive existence.  Take a look at their site and their line-up.  It looks  strangely Pabst reminiscent.

But in the grocery store the other day I spied a bright green box (cans) adorned with a goat frolicking in daisies with the words, “Bock Beer” (creative, right?) annotating the liquid content within.  It’s not everyday that you see a bock in 12, 12oz cans, especially at a price of $6.99.  My curiosity piqued, I slipped a case into my cart.

Here’s is the gist of Genesee’s Bock Beer.  It is the best $6.99 12 pack of canned beer I have ever (yes, ever) tasted.  It is far from the best beer, the best bock, the best dark beer, etc, but for it’s class, there is no competition.  I was expecting a beer that simply used bock to generate interest, but the sweet malty character was true to tradition.  The bready finish was not half bad.   A bit over carbonated, and a tad lighter than it should have been, but remember…it was $6.99!!! At that price range I believe my only other choices are Milwaukee’s Best Keystone Ice, or some other crud.

I doubt that Genesee strategically planned their Bock Beer for such a time as this in our economy (the beer, including the artwork, was conceived in the 70′s) but they are strategically poised folks low on money and craving more than a second rate beer.

Pick up a case…you’ll be pleasantly surprised!